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Virtual On-Boarding – The New Normal

As we all know, we are in an ever changing climate, we have had to adapt our home lives, how we shop for food, how we communicate with loved ones etc and we’ve had to adapt how we run our businesses, communication playing a KEY part in those changes.

One thing we are seeing change, is the recruitment process and how we integrate new employees into our businesses. This can be a challenge when everyone is working remotely, here are some best practices and some useful tips to help make your virtual on-boarding process successful.

Personal Connections

Traditionally on an employee’s first day they would be shown around the office, introduced to colleagues, have a robust orientation and induction. Establishing these fundamentals is a crucial part of the on-boarding process, and we shouldn’t forget these just because there is no physical place of work/office to be introduced to.

Plan their first week & share with them the plan

Schedule the following events over video conference:

– Individual &/or collective introduction to their teammates

– Team virtual lunch

– Introduction to team leader / line manager

– Assigning them 2-3 tasks they can complete over their first week without accompaniment

– Set expectations of what the employee can expect to do over their first week, and what you expect from them

Remember – if you usually present a new starter with a “welcome pack” or a binder with useful documents in – this will need formatting as a pdf and issuing remotely.

Instructional e-Learning – if you generally have someone sit with your new starter to review & learn the systems and tools you use as a business, consider replacing it with short e-Learning instructional videos, &/or do so via Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp Video.

Check in regularly

It can be overwhelming when you first start a new job, getting up to speed with the new company’s working practices, culture, even more so when this is done remotely.  You want to ensure there is frequent interaction and communication with your new employee to ensure they feel supported, and as engaged and connected as possible.

Make the most of your internal experts

Mix things up a bit, don’t let your new employee get fatigued by one voice throughout virtual meetings. Try to bring in a combination of voices, utilise other members of your team and their experience in for e.g. your in-house CRM to train & add value. Not only does this help with keeping the employee engaged, it helps them build relationships with other members of your team.

Remember! The on-boarding process sets the tone for the employee’s experience with your company, so it pays to invest time and effort in making it a positive one!

If you would like any further information on Virtual On-Boarding, please don’t hesitate to give one of our consultants a call on 01706 869444!

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