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Meet the team

Louise Dawes

What is your favourite movie?
I loveeee The Greatest Showman. I like to think I can sing…but I really can’t.

What one superpower would you want and why?
I would want to be magic and use a wand, just like Harry Potter.

What’s your favourite holiday of the year and why?
OMG it’s got to be Christmas. We get into the ‘spirt’ on the 1st Dec, I absolutely love Christmas. We do the pantomime on Christmas Eve, then go home, watch Polar Express with hot cocoa, then before bedtime, we do carrots, cookies and milk for Santa. I am literally like Mrs Claus.

Do you love fishing, if yes then why?
Love??? Absolutely not. Like… a little. I will give it a good go when we go camping with the children. Biggest I’ve caught is an 8lb Carp. Not bad for a beginner.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Oh my days, it’s got to be Gerrard Butler. He’s so rugged and handsome. #dreamy

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