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Meet the team

Kirsty Wilkinson

Kirsty is our Operations Manager, her main focuses are overseeing the “Temp Division” as well as managing the “Finance Department”.

Kirsty is AAT qualified and has over 10 years’ experience in Finance. She is currently working towards a CIMA qualification.

What TV sitcom family would you be a member of? Charmed … Absolutely love this programme … and to be a real life magical witch would be amazing!!

What is your favourite movie quote? One of my all-time fave films is Shrek! My son and I love watching it, and I know it word for word (not sure I should be bragging about that.) but here’s two of my favourite lines:

Donkey : Oh, man, I can’t feel my toes. [looks down; panics] I don’t have any toes! I think I need a hug.


Shrek: Stop singing! Well, it’s no wonder you don’t have any friends.
Donkey: Wow! Only a true friend would be that truly honest.

Probably because I can relate to that last one – my singing is awful!

Are you a morning or a night person? Definitely a night person – so much more fun to be had a night time!! Also a more acceptable time to open the Prosecco.

What have you done that you are most proud of? Without a doubt bringing up my little boy, best thing to ever happen to me – I’m so proud of him I could burst!

What is the best advantage to being really tall? I have absolutely no idea seeing as I am the shortest person in my office! I’m a whole 5ft 1in tall!!


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