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Meet the team

Elizabeth Hughes

What is the best advantage to being really tall?
Being 5 ft. 11 inch, I would class myself as really really tall and that is without heels! The advantage of being tall I would have to say is I can always reach the top shelf and I get to feel the benefit of the sunshine first (not that we get much).

What is your favourite movie quote?
I absolutely love Hocus Pocus it’s one of my all-time favorite films, I love the scene where Winifred is moaning about her two sisters :

Winifred: ‘ why ? why was I cursed with such idiot sisters?’
Sarah : ‘Just Lucky I guess!’

What is your biggest addiction?
Chocolate, chocolate and Gin!!!

What is your weird quirk?
I never noticed this quirk until someone pointed it out, I tend to occasionally sing random words out of the blue, let’s hope no one notices this

Have you ever tried to do something you know you would be really bad at, what was it?
Oh yes, Karaoke, if anyone knows me they know how terrible I am at singing, ask my husband, he turns the radio off to stop me singing it’s that bad!

I was pressured into singing a Busted song once in a bar and the DJ actually said how awful I was, well we can’t be great at everything.

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