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Meet the team

northern employment services donna-morris-main

Donna Morris

Donna joined Northern Employment Services in 2015. She has been in recruitment since 1994 and is super organised!

What is one food you wouldn’t want to give up? Chocolate. (any sort, I’m not really fussy, just as long as it doesn’t contain raisins, currants or sultanas)

What is the name of your favourite pet?  I had a dog when I was younger, called “BO” (I know you’re probably thinking she was named that because she smelled, actually she was named after the 1970’s supermodel “Bo Derek”)

How many books have you read so far this year? approximately 16 (all ‘chick lit’ – when I look at this, it would appear to the outsider that I do not lead a very exciting life, but I actually really enjoy reading)

What celebrity annoys you the most? Alan Carr (it’s his voice and laugh that really irritates me!)

Your favorite feature you like about myself? I like my eyes (although they are not as good as they used to be!)

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