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Culimeta-Saveguard Limited


Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd is a textile processing company who through investment and innovation have transported the company to the forefront of product development to meet the needs of the twenty-first century.

Culimeta-Saveguard is an Anglo-German partnership company and proudly maintains a wide customer base which now stretches around the globe. The Group which is well established in the USA, India, Germany, Latvia and France is the largest independent processor of glass fibre yarns in Europe.

Recognising that recruitment is not their core business, Culimeta-Saveguard sought an innovative solution to attract and retain the skills that will deliver the best services in the most cost-effective way.

Due to Culimeta-Saveguard’s main client increasing their need three-fold, Culimeta-Saveguard needed to increase their staffing headcount by 300%, (to c. 240 staff, 90% of which were supplied by Northern Employment Services Ltd on a temporary, temporary-to-permanent and a permanent basis), within a relatively short time frame.


In January 2010, after working with Culimeta-Saveguard for two years, Culimeta-Saveguard decided to appoint Northern Employment Services Ltd to be responsible for their entire recruitment needs, be that contract, temporary, interim and permanent.

Northern Employment Services Ltd won the contract because they offered the best innovation and cost-savings and had the best solutions to simplify and accelerate the recruitment process, deliver better management information and reduce administration costs and management time, inc. on-site representation 1 day per week.

The results and benefits

Historically managers would embark on recruitment on an ad hoc basis as required, with no forward planning. During the course of the contract we have set up Recruitment Strategy Plans with each manager to forecast and monitor required recruitment. This allows us to plan the most effective processes for recruitment and methods of attraction throughout the year in terms of time and cost.

We hold monthly meetings to review these plans, to ensure they always reflect the current situation, and we then focus on known trends including peaks and troughs.

As part of the monthly meeting we evaluate the current temporary staff that have been assigned significant lengths of time and decide on an individual basis whether they should transfer onto permanent contracts.

Culimeta-Saveguard have access to real time Management Information, allowing them to measure their business more effectively.

Compliance issues have been addressed and processes have been incorporated into the SLA.

The contract has dramatically reduced the management time devoted to recruitment and substantially lowered their admin processing costs.

Using traditional and innovative attraction methods, Northern Employment Services Ltd built a talent pool and pipeline of suitable candidates, to enable Northern Employment Services Ltd to deliver on Culimeta-Saveguard’s requirements, both in volume and quality.

For more senior and permanent positions Northern Employment Services Ltd interview every candidate prior to submission, in order to ensure their personality fit and key drivers for their next career move were in line with Culimeta-Saveguard’s requirements.

As a result of the success of our delivery Northern Employments have been retained as a preferred supplier 6 years on.

What Culimeta-Saveguard said about us

“Over the last few years, Culimeta-Saveguard has experienced rapid growth and this has meant that attracting and recruiting quality staff has been key to our success.

Northern Employment Services have consistently presented high calibre applicants for a variety of roles and often meeting extremely tight timescales.

Their service is always professional, efficient and friendly and they have always invested the time required to gain a good understanding of our roles and our business ensuring that candidates put forward are of good calibre and appropriate for the posts.

They have filled a variety of permanent vacancies from Specialist Administration, and General Customer Service to Senior Management and Financial roles. They also recruit and manage a large team of temporary industrial staff for the company on an ongoing basis, which is crucial to our efficient productivity.

The Account Manager appointed to our company works with the Senior Management team to strategically forward plan our ongoing recruitment campaigns.  She is always well informed on recruitment trends and employment law to also advise us on staffing and HR issues.

In summary Northern Employment Services are professional and provide our company with a high quality and cost effective recruitment service.”

Andrew Ogden, General Manager

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