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5 Signs you’re doing a good job!

With all that hard work, blood, sweat and tears, sometimes it isn’t always easy to see if you’re actually doing well within your role.

While there may be a million and one signs, some seem like unspoken secret codes, so this article pin points the most obvious signs to show you that you are doing your job and doing it well.

  • Lots of feedback

This may seem counter intuitive however, receiving feedback and constructive feedback at that is considered a good thing. Your boss can see that you are doing well and while you are being advised in areas where you can “improve”, this is simply to help you develop within your role and help you progress to where you need or want to be. You have clearly shown that you are able to make mistakes (let’s face it, we’re only human and we all do it) and take ownership of them, that you are able to learn from them and grow from them too. So accept all constructive feedback gracefully, smile and continue to smash it!

  • Your colleagues ask you questions

While you have a “to do” list as long as your arm that makes you feel ill just thinking about it, you are more than happy to help out when needed. Your colleagues are like your brothers from other mothers, sisters from other misters and when they ask for your help, you simply smile and get to it. Any questions they have, you are only too happy to help, to mentor them and help them get to where they need to be. You are trusted, your guidance and assistance matters to them and they want to learn as you do!

  • Your opinion counts

In meetings, team briefings or your daily “get together”, you are a valued member of staff and when your opinion is voiced, it is noted and taken into account. Your team may be presented with a problem and let’s face it, no boss (or anyone else for that matter) wants to be met with yet another problem. You offer solutions, reasoning and guidance to issues that may arise, which in turn supports your boss and colleagues to shape new ideas and help rectify any situations.

  • Your boss depends on you

The list you have is slowly dwindling down as the week comes to a close, however your boss has presented you with a new responsibility, an extra task (or 10) that needs to be finished before the week is out. And so you simply smile, take on the chin and get to it. Your hair may be frazzled, tie a little loose around the neck or your mascara is in stains down your face but don’t worry, this is a good thing (I promise)! Your boss has noted your ability to make sure your work is always complete and you are the first one they come to when something needs doing. They know that when they ask you to do something, you won’t ask questions or procrastinate, you will just get it done. You don’t make promises you can’t keep and will always make sure everything is finalised in the time frame you have set. Go you!

  • You take ownership

Taking ownership of your work could be anything from making mistakes and learning from them, to performing well within your role and you own it. You always take responsibility for your work, whether you have noted areas for improvement or you are boasting about your hard work (yes, this is allowed!) You are able to look through your work load, prioritise your responsibilities and ensure that everything that needs to be done, is done. You know what the company/department needs and understand it, showing that you can take charge of your own tasks and your boss knows that everything will be completed and completed on time.

All of the above have one thing in common, and that’s trust. You are trusted by your boss to get your work done, you are trusted by your colleagues to lend a helping hand and you trust yourself to ensure you are working to your full potential and that you are doing your best.

You’re doing a great job, well done you!


Article written by: Ashlea Hunt

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